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Sheshadri - Sampath at Temple Trees

A Georgian kick-boxing coach breaks a Guinness World record that he himself created in December 2011, for having the most spoons stuck on the human body.

Etibar Elchyev, 41, dubbed the ‘magnet man’, managing to secure 53 metal spoons around his neck and chest setting the world record for the most spoons balanced on a human body.

Elchiyev, who llives in Tbilisi in Georgia, created the spoon record in 2011.

Mr Elchev claims he has magnetic properties that attract the 53 spoons to his body.

But he has no plans to stop there. "When the time comes I am going [to move] an airplane, then an empty train carriage, something like this, I won't reveal all my cards at once," he said.