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Udari Kaushalya Photos
Udari Warnakulasuriya who returned after a long vacation abroad is extremely busy these days with a long line of tele-dramas and films she is contributing to.

Accordingly, Udari plays the main role in 'Adaraniya Kathawak', the latest film of Priyantha Colombage, who has made a comeback after 14 years.

However, it is said that the film crew including the director and the cast are inconvenienced due to a certain behaviour of Udari.

Udari is said to be mumbling to her Bluetooth device   before and after the shooting and her mood changes according to the content of the telephone conversation.

In certain occasions if the call is distressing she is said to be doing the happy scenes with a sad face.

Since only Bluetooth can fix Udari's mood Colombage is reportedly having a hard time getting the perfect shot.