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Roshan to run for elections
The popular actor Roshan Pilapitiya has stated that he has received an invitation to contest for elections if the parliament was dissolved within next few months.

It is said that the invitation is to contest from Hanguranketha for a seat in the parliament.

He has revealed this in an interview to a weekend newspaper answering a question raised by a journalist who raised the question, " what if the parliament was dissolved in  two three months ?".

He has also said that he is not a brokenhearted boyfriend and he is leading a happy life.

Talking about the music video “Hitha Parala” he stated that even though he appears on the music video it is not his own life story but only an act.

Despite the music video being directed by Sahan Abeywardana, who was to be his brother-in-law as he is Chathurika's sister's husband , Roshan has stated that it was not an attempt express his pain.

" I did not ask for money for the particular act. The relationship between me and the members of Chathurika's family has not been weakened. The character of the mother in the music video was done by Chathurika's own mother ,but I did not want to express my story through it" , he said.